Data Analysis Using Python

Python can be easy to pick up whether you’re a first-time programmer or experienced with other languages. Python is used in a wide range of technologies and business applications such as AI, Scientific Computing and Cybersecurity. Another side of Python that is growing in popularity is Data Analytics. Why Python? Python is flexible, has a vast collection of libraries, provides graphics and date visualization and has broad community support. Python will take you to the next level in your Programming or Data Analysis career.

Data Analysis Using Python by
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An Industry Leading Language

Learn the variety of uses. Identify when Python can make a task more efficient. Many industries and careers use Python daily (mostly in the background).

Learn the Newest Python Techniques

Python is Open Source and always changing. Our instructor gives you the newest techniques to build upon.

Open Doors

Having a Python Program Certificate gives you the first look from employers. Python experience is in demand in many fields.

Make Yourself Standout

Knowing Python will make you an invaluable asset in many roles. A variety of industries look for Python experience. Create your own career path.

Data Analysis Using Python Course Syllabus

Python Fundamentals 

Students will learn how to address issues including: 

Installing the latest version of Python 

Working with Jupyter Notebooks 

Python data types, operators, and variable names 

Python strings, lists, ranges, and constructors 

Controlling the flow of Python programs 

Modularizing code with functions 

Handling data with tuples, sets, and dictionaries 

Developing Python modules 

Encapsulation with Python classes 

Building an intelligent Texas Hold’em Poker application 


Data Analysis 

Students will learn how to address issues including: 

Introduction to pandas 

Selecting subsets of data 

Essential pandas commands 

Grouping data with pandas 

Analyzing time series data 

Exploring text with regular expressions 

Cleaning and transforming data 

Joining multiple datasets together 

Building professional data analytics reports 



Students will learn how to address issues including: 

Connecting to SQL databases 

Querying databases with the SELECT statement 

Translating pandas to SQL 


Data visualization 

Students will learn how to address issues including: 

Learning the data visualization landscape in Python 

Building interactive data analytics dashboards

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The Total Cyber Data Analysis with Python Program teaches the best programming and data science combination. There are many courses available. Unfortunately, they are teaching poor or even outdated practices. With Master Data Analysis with Python, you will be able to rapidly transform into an expert.

What You Really Want to Know

Top Sought-After Skills by Employers

  • Data Analysis
  • Understanding Algorithms
  • Data Construction

Traits to Have

  • Attention to Detail
  • Integrity
  • Analytical Thinking

Average Salary


Career Outlook

A Variety of career paths. This means there are many opportunities waiting for you. Your new career outlook is Bright!

Other Close Related Job Titles

  • Software Developer
  • Software Engineer
  • Data Scientists

Data by the Numbers

  • Employment 2019 – 1.4mil employees
  • Projected Openings over 10 years – 131k

From “Software Developers” and “15-1252.00 – Software Developers” by the National Center for O*NET Development. Used under the CC BY 4.0 license.

Analyzing data is not something as simple as organizing by column or finding certain cells. It’s looking at patterns, cleaning out unnecessary data and finding new data. Learning Python skills such as using pandas or working with SQL to ensure you have data that will provide fast and correct answers will make your work more efficient and desirable to employers. Businesses are looking for industry leaders to help them find market-leading avenues to new revenue. With a Total Cyber Data Analysis with Python Program, you will be the person they are looking for.

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