Accessing Your Class Videos

Click on each image to see a larger image to assist you further

Step 1

Visit our website and click on the "MY ACCOUNT" menu link or visit the link

Step 2

Click on the Login button to the right of the main title

Step 3

Enter in your account information provided by the instructor or the Total Cyber Solutions team. If you need to reset your password, click on the Lost Your Password? link below the login form

Step 4

Once logged in, scroll down the page until you see the class you are currently trying to view and click on the course

Step 5

On this page, scroll down past the initial information about the course and you will see the Course Content. If just starting the course, click on the Syllabus link

Step 6

**Important** - In order to procede to the next lesson, you must click on the "Mark Complete" green button at the bottom of the section. This will open up the next session.

Step 7

After completing the Syllabus and Course Meeting Page sections, you will then find your first videos on Lesson 1 Topic 1A. Click the image to start the video.