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About MyCAA

The My Career Advancement Account Scholarship is a workforce development program that provides up to $4,000 of tuition assistance to eligible military spouses. The scholarship assists military spouses in pursuit or maintenance of cybersecurity courses and certification that Toal Cyber offers to gain employment in an occupation or career field. Total Cyber trains students to become junior Cybersecurity Engineers and other Infrormation and cybersecurity careers. No cybersecurity knowledge is needed.

MyCAA Courses are FREE to Eligible Spouses

Who is Eligible

Spouses of activeduty servicemembers in pay grades:
E-1 - E-5, W-1 - W-2 and O-1 - O-2
First 1,250 spouse of servicemembers in pay grades E-6 and O-3 during a calendar year.

Others Eligable

First 1,250 spouse of servicemembers in pay grades E-6 and O-3.
Spouses of National Guard and Reserves in these same pay grades
Must have completed High School

Available Courses

CompTIA A+ - Computer Hardware and software Security+ - Securing computer environemnts Net+ - Configuring and securing Networks CySA+ - Security Operations Center Analyst

Cybersecurity Skills

In our courses you will gain the skills to start or upskill a cybersecurity career. We offer materials, live or on-demand videos, and tutoring to help you complete our courses.

What You Really Want to Know about an Entry Level Job


Average Starting Salary 

Career Outlook

A Variety of career paths. This means there are many opportunities waiting for you. Your new career outlook is Bright!

Projected Growth

Employment 2023: 500,000+ Employees

Projected Openings over 10 years:  1.2 Million

Top Sought-After Skills by Employers

  • Problem Solving
  • Discover Hidden Patterns
  • Understanding How Things Work
  • Attention to Detail
  • Integrity
  • Analytical Thinking

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  • Security Operation Center Analyst
  • Information Security Engineers
  • Information Security Analysts
  • Computer Systems Analysts
  • Cybersecurity Engineer

From “Information Security Engineers” and “15-1299.05 – Information Security Engineers” by the National Center for O*NET Development. Used under the CC BY 4.0 license.