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“This course took me from basic understanding of the internet to cybersecurity professional in a short time. The extra tutoring definitely help me gain more knowledge and skills.”

George Roman

Course Description

EC-Council Certified SOC Analyst Certification helps to validates the baseline skills you need to be become an ethical SOC analyst. 

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Approx. 5 days

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Course Description

Embark on a transformative journey with our “EC-Council CSA On-Demand Course,” meticulously designed to shape you into a proficient Security Operations Center (SOC) Analyst. A SOC Analyst plays a pivotal role in safeguarding organizations against cyber threats, constantly monitoring, detecting, and responding to security incidents.

Our course is meticulously structured to provide a comprehensive understanding of SOC principles and practices. Each module is crafted to offer in-depth insights into critical aspects of cybersecurity. Students engage with high-quality recorded lessons, gaining practical knowledge that mirrors real-world scenarios. From understanding the fundamentals to mastering advanced techniques, the EC-Council CSA On-Demand Course equips you with the skills demanded by the evolving cybersecurity landscape.

Join us in mastering the art of proactive threat detection and response, ensuring you are well-prepared to face the challenges of securing digital environments. The EC-Council CSA On-Demand Course—your gateway to becoming a proficient SOC Analyst.

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Total Cyber Solutions provides top notch instructors with the CompTIA training your are looking for.

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Everything you need to prepare for the CompTIA Exam of your choice

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Quiz questions with explanation and Flashcards to increase learning

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EC-Council official certification exam included with the course.

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The CompTIA training course, Course E-Book, Physical Book, and more

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Group mentoring sessions and one-on-one sessions for those who need extra assistance

Student Reviews

Taking this course and passing the exam showed me that securing environments was what I wanted to do with my life. Now I understand important key aspects of Cybersecurity.
Brant C.
Passing this course and obtaining my certification propelled me in my career. I was the first of my peers to obtain it and transferred to my new position as Cybersecurity Engineer.
Christopher A.
I am a junior system administrator with a little more than a year experience. This course increased my Cybersecurity skills and now a am comfortable working in the SOC.
Craig K.
I am a Military Veteran and I was wondering what how to get a career and Cybersecurity. I was introduced to the Total Cyber Training system and now I almost have a year of experience.
David R.

Overall Course Pass Rate
Our documented 95% passing rate1, has allowed us to train hundreds of students to pass their Security+ exam on the first try. 

1Pass rate is directly affected by students viewing the live/on-demand course and completing the course material. Students that do not complete the course have a 80% or less pass rate.