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Course Description

The Certified in Cybersecurity (CC) certification, offered by (ISC)², is an entry-level credential designed for individuals new to the field of cybersecurity. It validates fundamental knowledge and skills in cybersecurity principles, network security, and risk management. The CC certification is ideal for those looking to start a career in cybersecurity, providing a strong foundation and opening doors to advanced certifications and career opportunities in the industry.


Amazing Course

“This course took me from basic understanding of the internet to cybersecurity professional in a short time. The extra tutoring definitely help me gain more knowledge and skills.”

George Roman

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Course Duration

12-Month Access and Approximately 72 hours of Instruction and Labs​

Course Level

Beginner, no experience required

Course Price

$ 3999.99

Individuals suitable for the CC certification:


Recent Graduates

Young Professionals

IT Professionals

Career Changers

Board-level executives seeking foundational knowledge in cybersecurity

Benefits of CC Certification

Career Opportunities and Advancement

Helps individuals demonstrate foundational cybersecurity knowledge employers are looking for, from an association they trust.


Validates knowledge and willingness to learn. It's a way to be considered for an entry or junior level.

Instant Credibility

Increase organizational integrity in the eyes of clients and other stakeholders.

Growth and Learning

Access to professional development opportunities and courses available to ISC2 members.

Pathway to CISSP/Career in Cybersecurity

Builds a strong foundation for a cybersecurity career.

Higher Salaries

ISC2 members report 35% higher annual salary than non-members.

Community of Professionals

Enables access to a network of peers.

Improve Cybersecurity Cohererence across the Organization

Ensure professionals speak the same language across disciplines and have cross-departmental perspectives.

Overall Course Pass Rate

Our documented 95% passing rate1, has allowed us to train hundreds of students to pass their exam on the first try.


1Pass rate is directly affected by students viewing the live/on-demand course and completing the course material. Students that do not complete the course have a 80% or less pass rate.