Cyber Security

Container Streaming

Written By: Nisita C. What are containers?  A container is a software package that contains code, tools, and libraries. Containers are used to isolate and manage an application. All the components that are needed for the application to run are placed inside the container and once it’s contained, the portability of the application goes up, […]

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SOC analyst on the computer

What Makes a Good Security Analyst?

Written By: Nisita C.   What is a Security Analyst?  Security analysts, also known as Security Operations Center analysts (SOC analysts), are professionals who help companies identify and patch vulnerabilities within security systems, solutions, and programs. They are responsible for protecting the company’s systems and networks from cyber threats, attacks, and unauthorized access. Security analysts

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Artificial Intelligence Unveiled: Cybersecurity’s New Frontier

Artificial Intelligence Overview Written by: Natasha O. Artificial intelligence (AI) harnesses algorithms and real-time data to solve problems and make decisions, marking the future of the tech industry. Its integration into society and our current technical advancements is evident, tightly woven into various aspects of our daily lives. Virtually every individual owns an iPhone, Android,

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DoD Releases New Policy on Social Media

The DoD has recently released a department wide policy regarding social media use for official accounts. DODI 5400.17 provides guidance for social media use within DoD, records management procedures, and guidance to ensure personal social media accounts are not misrepresented or misinterpreted as official accounts. This is significant because this is the first DOD policy

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Intro to Cybersecurity

If you’re interested in cybersecurity but aren’t sure where to start, don’t worry you’re not alone. Cybersecurity is an incredibly broad field which can make getting started difficult. Once you jump in, you’ll find there are many interesting topics to discover. For a quick crash course in cybersecurity, check out this video: If your ready

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Nessus vulnerability scanner

What is Nessus?

Nessus is a popular open-source vulnerability scanning tool often used in ethical hacking. It scans the network to find any vulnerabilities, misconfigurations, Denial of Service (Dos) vulnerabilities and more. These vulnerabilities can be exploited by hackers allowing them to gain access to your network. Nessus has a variety of features including: Vulnerability Scanning Asset Discovery

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