New EC-Council Courses Added

Total Cyber Solutions is pleased to start offering EC-Council Courses as part of our curriculum. We are adding these courses due to high demand for a more varied Cybersecurity program. EC-Council courses are well renowned and come with approval from many governments (including the U.S Government, see DoD Directives 8140 and 8570) and technology companies

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Two-Factor Authentication

Two-factor verification is a service that adds additional layers of security. Normally you enter a username and password in order to access a website or application. With two-factor you would be prompted to enter one additional authentication method. With multi-factor authentication, you would be prompted to enter more than two additional verification methods. There are

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Do you know what Phishing is? Bad guys are making their Phishing more complected, making it harder to find links point to bad sites. Watch this video to find out how to protect yourself from Phishing.

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