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About the Certified Network Defender certification

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Learn the skills that matter! EC-Council’s vendor-neutral network security certifications provide an unbiased approach to learning secure networking practices, as well as how to analyze and harden computing systems prevalent in the current IT infrastructure.

CND v2 has earned a reputation as the only program in the market that is 100% focused on network security and defense.

IT professionals need to be part of the cybersecurity ecosystem, especially in a post-COVID Digital Transformation era. If you think cybersecurity is the responsibility of cyber teams alone, think again!

Certified Network Defender v2 has been designed by industry experts to help IT Professionals play an active role in the Protection of digital business assets and Detection and Response to Cyber Threats, while leveraging Threat Intelligence to Predict them before they happen. CND is a network security course designed to help organizations create and deploy the most comprehensive network defense system.

Certified Network Defender Key Concepts


Adaptive Security Strategy

CND v2 includes the Adaptive Security Strategy, thereby increasing the scope from Protect – Detect – Respond to Protect – Detect  -Respond – Predict.


Increased Lab Time and Hands-On Focus

More than 50% of the CND v2 program is dedicated to practical skills in live ranges via EC-Council labs covering domains like Network Defense Management, Network Perimeter Protection, Endpoint Protection, Application and Data Protection, Enterprise Virtual, Cloud, and Wireless Network Protection, Incident Detection and Response, and Threat Prediction.


A Dedicated Module on IoT Security

IoT security, previously ignored, is now an issue of great concern. IoT devices are not primarily designed with security in mind. This leaves serious vulnerabilities while configuring IoT devices in a network. CND v2 introduces candidates to the various challenges that IoT devices pose and the measures required to mitigate them.


Network Virtualization Practices for the Remote Workforce

Tracking security applications and configurations of remote work environments as workforce span across servers is very difficult. The CND v2 program teaches candidates to implement and manage the security of virtualization technologies Network Virtualization (NV), Software-Defined Network (SDN), Network Function
Virtualization (NFV), OS Virtualization, Containers, Dockers, Kubernetes used in modern-day networks.


An Upgrade on Mobile Security Measures

Research firm Gartner predicts that by 2021, 27% of corporate data traffic will bypass perimeter security and flow directly from mobile and portable devices to the cloud. With the CND v2, you will learn Enterprise Mobile Device Security, Redefine
Access Control Security, and other platforms to ensure that this endpoint remains secure.


Enhanced Focus on Cloud Security

While the adoption of cloud computing in organizations has increased, so have the challenges. Candidates will learn different ways to ensure security across
various cloud platforms – AWS, Microsoft Azure Cloud, and Google Cloud Platform.