IT, Desktop, Helpdesk or Technical support is the key source of technical help for businesses. These services are the main technical support needed in an organization. Support positions are responsible for ensuring hardware, software and networks are operating at top levels. For this reason, support personnel are in high demand.

Desktop Support Training by Total Cyber Solutions

Learn Industry Standards

You may have the skills to fix a friend’s computer but learning the industry standards will elevate your Desktop Support career.

Learn to Use New Tools

Learn to use multiple OS, help tickets and industry leading tools to get the job done right the first time.

Excel Your Career

Be a step ahead when you start your Desktop Support career. In a high-demand field having our certification will let employers know you are right for the job. (Still an 8 but sounds better)

Entry to Better Opportunities

The skills from our course will help you negotiate better pay or even start in a higher-level position. According to the median pay is $47K.

Desktop Support Course Syllabus

In the Desktop support program students will learn: 

Fundamentals of Information Technology  

Students will learn how to address issues including: 

IT Concepts and Terminology 

Infrastructure Setup 

Applications & Software 

Software Development 

Database Fundamentals 

Security Essentials 


Fundamentals and intermediate skills of Software and Hardware support 

Students will learn how to address issues including: 


Operating Systems 

Software Troubleshooting 


Hardware & Network Troubleshooting 


Mobile Devices 

Virtualization & Cloud Computing 

Operational Procedures 


End User Awareness 

Students will learn how to address issues including: 

Information Protection 

Cyber Terrorism 

Social Engineering 

Remote Worker Security 

Virus Protection 

Password Security 

Web Browser Security 

Email Security 

Instant Messaging Security 

Telephone Security 

Mobile Security 


Intermediate Network Concepts 

Students will learn how to address issues including: 

Networking Concepts 


Network Operations 

Network Security 

Network Troubleshooting & Tools 


Intermediate Security Concepts 

Students will learn how to address issues including: 

Attacks, Threats and Vulnerabilities 

Architecture and Design 


Operations and Incident Response 

Governance, Risk and Compliance

Graduates of the Total Cyber Desktop Support Technician Program are prepared for employment in a number of entry-level positions including:

PC Repair

Learn to repair and replace computer hardware to ensure full computer functionality with little down time.

Desktop Support

Provide software fixes for users and their computers

IT Security

Provide a secure technology environment. Working with industry leading firewalls, security programs and antivirus software.

Help Desk

Be the front line of defense in the computer industry. Learn how to take calls and help users while giving specialists the correct “lingo” to complete the job.


Switches, routers, cables. This is the communications side of computers that support our protected networks

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Are you a creative problem solver? Do you enjoy working with computers and helping people? A career in Technical Support or IT Support could be for you. Enrolling in the Total Cyber Desktop Support Program will give you the skills to make you successful in a competitive high demand field.

What You Really Want to Know

Top Sought-After Skills by Employers

  • Noticing Problems
  • Communication
  • Logic Thinking

Traits to Have

  • Attention to Detail
  • Cooperation
  • Stress Tolerance

Average Salary


Career Outlook

A Variety of career paths. This means there are many opportunities waiting for you. Your new career outlook is Bright!

Other Close Related Job Titles

  • Computer Support Specialist
  • Computer Technician
  • Information Technology Specialist (IT Specialist)

Data by the Numbers

  • Employment 2019 – 687k employees
  • Projected Openings over 10 years – 53k

From “Computer User Support Specialists” and “15-1232.00 – Computer User Support Specialists” by the National Center for O*NET Development. Used under the CC BY 4.0 license.

The Total Cyber Desktop Support Program offers basic IT training in solving today’s high-tech problems in computers, mobile devices, networks, popular applications and operating systems. Our program employs the very latest innovations while preparing you to adapt to changes in the industry. You will learn about computer and network technologies with an emphasis on computer components including hardware and software, infrastructure security, data networks and network components as well as customer service. Upon completing this program, you will be prepared to take the ITIL, CompTIA A+, CompTIA Network+, and CompTIA Security+ certification exams paving the way for a career in Tech or IT support.

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