LinkedIn Ready

Written By: Beth L.

Total Cyber team members launched their LinkedIn profile in 2006, and we have students in 2023 who are getting started. And that’s the value of LinkedIn, whether you are new to it or a long-time user, there are always new members to connect with and share professional knowledge.

Maximizing LinkedIn with a Premium Membership

We encourage all Total Cyber program participants, active-duty military, or veterans, to take advantage of the free 1-year premium membership.  Veteran subscriptions | Social Impact (

Crafting an Eye-Catching LinkedIn Profile and Banner

Whether you choose to go premium or not, you can still make a banner that stands out with one of our favorite applications, Canva. We find it super useful for marketing and more.

Free and customizable LinkedIn banner templates | Canva

If your passport is the last time you took a semi-professional photo, it may be time to invest in a photo shoot. Your best image is always a good idea. If you are not into that, wear a collared shirt and ask a friend to take multiple photos (select the best one). Like AI? Download  Lensa and share up to 50 headshots to get AI to generate your profile photo.

Optimizing your LinkedIn location

Location is prominently featured with your profile photo; we suggest you publish where you want to work, a large metropolitan area; for example, if you are currently located on a military installation, list where you plan to return to and focus your job search.

You likely have heard a story that a recruiter discovered someone on LinkedIn and now they have a cool new job! This happens, and your professional headline plays a big part as the section is searchable. You’ll want to include the skills and jobs that you are seeking.

Desired Role | Skill | Certification | Current Role | Clearance| Hobby

You are a step ahead if you’ve read our previous blog, Resume Ready. Use it to fill in the Summary, Experience, and Education Section.

Making Your Profile Stand Out

Add some flair to your LinkedIn profile to make it Stand Out! Take the time to find the Official Logo for the Employers and Schools you’ve attended. List your Certifications and include the official license. Some certifications provide a digital LinkedIn badge to post, such as Credly. Attach your resume to the Summary Section. Make sure your contact information is current. Make it simple to reach out to you.

Congrats, you have a LinkedIn profile that is ready to attract attention. Start connecting with people you know, friends, neighbors, former and current co-workers, your Total Cyber cohort members, and instructors.

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